Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Snowy fields

Global warming or not, this winter we've had more snow than usual.
My pampas grass seems to be holding up nicely.

Is that a black panther sneaking up on me ?

Ah no it's my cat , Kedam, plowing through the snow.

With the sun out, I pack up the camera and go for a walk .
A short five minute walk takes me to the open fields behind the village where I live.

Cows graze here in summer, now it's all snow up to the horizon.

The rivers are frozen over ,

with a few places where the flowing water has cut through the ice.

The do it yourself snow-mobile.

As the sun starts to set , temperatures drop : time to head back home.

The setting sun colours everything in shades of bronze and russet.

( As always , click on the pictures for a larger view )

Country road, take me home.

The sun has almost set and I'm almost home.

1 comment:

Kumiko said...

Kedam is very beautiful cat!
Yes,she is like beautiful black panther in the snow :)

And this scenery is breathtaking view!
Thank you for sharing this post,Walter!