Thursday, 13 August 2009

Beer trek : the new frontier.

It was bound to happen sometime: we Belgians make beer , drink beer, cook with beer and make world famous chocolates.
Beer Brewery De Ryck has boldly gone where no one has gone before.

They sell a collection of beer chocolates (no no ! not chocolate beer : Beer Chocolates ! )

Unfortunately even the English version of their website will only give you a Dutch description of these delicacies, so for you my dear readers , I've translated it into English.
( Because I like you all so much, I want to share this inside knowledge with you ! :)

( Want to get a better view ? Leftclick the image for a mouthwatering larger view )

Oh and did I mention they also have beer cheese, beer marmalade, beer sorbet and beer pâté ?
Belgian type breakfast , anyone ?


kirin said...

Thanks for sharing. I wonder of beer chocolate tastes better than chocolate without beer. Beer tastes bitter while chocolate tastes sweet...(?_?) I cannot imagine how it tastes when mixed.

Walter said...

Hi Kirin,
well if I can find any of them, I'll try and I'll let you know ;)