Saturday, 27 July 2013

Green is cool !

This morning the rain came pouring down and right now it's the hottest and most humid Saturday afternoon since I care to remember.
I could make matcha tea to pass this sweltering afternoon,
but in this weather this quick and easy  home-made matcha ice cream will do me just fine.

Take 450-500 grams of the best vanilla icecream you can find and put itin the refrigerator, let it get softer in about half an hour.
Mix a heaped tablespoon of your best matcha tea powder really well with one and a half spoon of warm temperature water ( dip your chasen ( tea whisk) in hot water first , so it doesn't get stained by the green tea powder) and let it cool down till room temperature.
Mix half the ice cream well with the match and then mix it with the rest of the vanilla ice cream.
Now you can either mix it till it's completely blended or still striped. Mine is completely blended.
Then sit it in the freezer for an hour till it's hardened enough to scoop.
Eat it out of a bowl or in a cone or between two wafers ( my favourite way ).

Sure, it looks less green than that coloured stuff you can buy at the conbini ^^ ( or in all those green toned photo shopped photos you find on the net , haha )  but the taste of home-made matcha is so much better !
If I run out of matcha I can always go back to eating THE TOWER :

 From top to bottom : vanilla, pistachio ( with pieces of real nuts ) , speculoos with bits of speculoos ( a biscuit) , mocha coffee flavour and chocolate with bits of dark chocolate.


Ray's Rabbit Hutch said...

Hey, Matcha flavor is on the top of 'My Favorite Ice Cream Lists.'

I'll try to make it.

Kumiko said...

Wow,that looks very delicious.
I'm wrestling with temptation...
I can't help eating this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this recipe, can't wait to try it! I've been looking forward to collect Japanese tea accessories like these for matcha, which I thought are only reserved for the Japanese tea ceremony, now I have a great reason to use them for other than a Japanese tea ceremony.:)