Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Flowers and kimonos : Keukenhof Spring 2014 ( part 3 of 3 )

(I have included  panoramic photos in this post, to give a better view of the beauty of the garden. They're a bit big so this post may load a bit longer than usual.
If some are to tall for your screen, try using Ctrl + your mouse wheel to reduce the height.)
(This post is in three parts, Click Here to go to part 1 , Click Here to go to part 2 )
Around 6 o'clock , most of the visitors went home. I was surprised because the show stays open till half past 7.  A wonderful opportunity to take some wide shots without lots of people in them !

The low light and the quiet made me feel like I was in a fairy tale garden.

These are another of my favourite flowers : daffodils.

Over the years , growers have developed an amazing amount of varieties in many colours and sizes from a few originals.

These are two 'double' flowers , where the central tube carries additional petals.

and of course each variety has it's own name. This one is 'Dear Love'.

'Charming Lady'

'Thomas Mawson'


The low sun lit up the flowers beautifully.

Walking back to the central pond,

with this swan  swimming along beside me.

Only a few people were still enjoying the quiet.

Flower beds along the central pond.

The stalls closed up and around the windmill all was quiet.

The forest path at the east of the park.

Here I discovered what looks like a lily, but the leaves are too large. I wonder which plant it is.

As I walked out of the park , I took a look across the fields of the commercial growers. Here flower bulbs are grown for shipping across the entire world.

As I drove away  the sun set over the flower fields behind me.

Just two more hours to get home. I had a wonderful day.


Linda Kentie said...

Wow wat een pracht foto! Hoe heb je de molen zo mooi op de foto gekregen :D ik zie helemaal geen mensen meer! wat heerlijk!

Unknown said...

Wauw wat mooi, geweldig die stilte om de (drukke) bloemen.

Walter said...

The Park is open till half past seven, but by 6 pm most of the visitors left. I passed the mill about ten minutes before the park closed and everybody had left by then.