Sunday, 21 September 2008

I've been to the Highlands in Scotland several times and I keep going back there , because it's so beautiful.
Yes I know the weather is changeable and it rains ( frequently ) but it's worth it !

The last time I went there on my motorbike. I crossed the Channel with the ferry from Calais to Dover and drove up to the Black Isle , where I stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast on a farm . The Black Isle is just north of Inverness, which is the main city of the Highlands.
The city is situated by the Beauly Firth which you can cross over on the bridge you see in the picture to get to the Black Isle.

From there you can travel up into the mountains to the north. You can drive for hours without seeing anything but breathtakingly beautiful wild open spaces along roads that will go from 500 meters up down to sea level in just a few kilometers.

Day 1

On my first day I traveled by the A832 to the
West Coast. You can see the road winding down from high up to sealevel in the distance in the picture on the right. ( That's my motorbike on the left of the road )

Going down the A832 you pass by Loch Maree near Slioch ( Loch is Scottish for lake ) The mountain you see in the back is 666 meters high.
I didn't swim in the loch ( water's too cold ! ) but I did get to the little sandy beach you see in the middle and picknicked there.
Actually, Scotland allows you to put up a tent practically everywhere so you can camp there if you want, but I haven't tried that yet. Maybe next time.

(Keep watching my blog! I'll continue this travelog with more pics in my next post ! And Do Click on the pics to see them in a larger format)

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