Saturday, 27 September 2008

Day 1 : continued

Following the A832 to the West coast , you pass by a place where the water of a clear mountain stream drops over a rocky precipice : Victoria Falls.
Perfectly cold and drinkable ( I know because I drank it).

There are small and large streams like this all over the Highlands. They are one of the things ( like the mountains and lakes) that make the Highlands such a unique and unforgettable landscape.

A few kilometers further , I pass by the western end of Loch Maree. From this end one can see how big it is , stretching into the distance between the mountains left and right of it.

From here the road continues down to sea-level. The following picture shows the village of Tournaig, sitting on the edge of Loch Thurnaig. Loch Thurnaig continues to the west out into the sea ( that's on the right of the picture).

This is a typical house of the region ( small windows and thick walls : to survive the cold winters up here). An owner of a boat repair company on the North coast told me that the cold is quite bad , but that the winds can go up to 200 kilometers per hour up here in the North!

From here the road starts to go up again : just a few kilometers further one I get a lovely overview of Touraig with the Bein Airigh Charr mountain behind on the left and on the right the Torridons (mountains).

Continuing up the west coast to the north , with the road steadily climbing , I get a breathtaking view of Loch Ewe and the island sitting in the middle of it. Just like Loch Thurnaig , this loch continues on into the sea.

One of the things that I like so much when journeying here is that , when I stop to listen, all I can hear is the noise of the wind and the sea. Except for the occasional passerby I don't hear the continuous noise of cars or railroads or airplanes in the distance as I do where I live.
It is a wonderful feeling and it's one of the things I love coming to the Highlands for.

(I'll continue this and other journeys in my next blogs. See you! )


Frankie Perussault said...

Do you know of it's a website for travel blogs only. Plenty of interesting things there and you can upload lots of photos. Your photos of Scotland are great.

Walter said...

Frankie, thanks for commenting : I'll check out Scotland is great isn't it ? I'll continue this blog on Scotland as soon as possible ;)