Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hotpot dinner : Nabe

Winter approaches and after reading Kirin's post on Nabe Ryori ( see also her Comments on my post ) I had to have a go at a Japanese hot-pot. ( Do click on the pictures : the large sized pics look even more appetizing).
Because it's my first time I keep the recipe simple and the dinner crowd small ( once I know my way around a recipe I can add more ingredients and guests).

To serve two I made a soup base with 1.5 litres of dashi and 1.5 tablespoons of red miso. I seasoned it by adding some finely grated ginger ( less than a tablespoon I guess) a bit at a time, tasting the soup base till the ginger was noticeable but not overpowering and also added some drops of sesame oil.

The vegetables that go in are these lovely brown shimeji that I found at the Chinese supermarket ( they're from Korea , imported via the Netherlands (it's a small world ;) I'm keeping the white ones for another dish) , Chinese cabbage leaves , cut in bite-sized squares, sliced shii-take, sliced spring-onion. I put everything in the simmering base , adding the shimeji a few minutes later, because I want to keep these from overcooking.

I served it in a fondue pot ( mine has a ceramic interior and I kept the pot simmering at the table with a small alcohol burner underneath ) . I added the finely sliced beef at the table for effect ;).

Btw , this is kangaroo beef which is a very lean meat ( less than 2 % fat )!

The Nabe with the meat added : it's very lean so only needs to cook shortly ! Tastes best when it's still a bit rosy inside.

When everyone had eaten all the goodies from the pot, I added green soba and tofu to the broth. You can see the result below : the taste of the broth by then was to die for ! ( Tip : I had pre-cooked the soba , adding the same amount of cold water to it a few minutes before it was done , so it would be cooked just right after simmering in the pot together with the tofu. )

Nabe is a wonderful dish to experiment with. I can really recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter! Finally I'm here! Kangaroo meat is something very original. Is it common to eat Kangaroo meat in Belgium?
Speaking of Belgium, that's one of the countries I wanna visit someday...^_^ hopefully to eat delicious foods there. (Somebody told me so.) But I never thought Japanese foods can be purchased like this in Antwerp.

Walter said...

It is not common : Belgium imported 72500 kg last year which for 10 million inhabitants gives an average of 7.25 gram / person (Belgians eat lots of meat , almost 100 kg per year). I used to eat ostrich a lot, which is very healthy and ostriches are being bred here in Belgium, until the price went way up :(

I buy my Japanese ingredients mostly at the Sun Wah and Foek Wing supermarkets in Chinatown, Antwerp ( )
because I can't find them locally ( I can get a few from bioshops, but they're expensive)

It does mean I have to travel twice 30 km by motorbike, but I try to keep costs low by only going every 2 to 3 weeks and I treat the journey to China Town as a little vacation trip ;).