Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bright new morning

Last saturday morning started out really bright and sunny ( even though it's October already, which is usually a rainy , windy period in Belgium).
I just got myself a digital camera and now I'm learning how to use it (so many settings !) because on saturday afternoon I'll be visiting the FACTS 2008 convention , which only comes around once a year.
So no travelogue right now , I'll continue it later on.

These are the very first few pics with my new camera.
This is Tek the neighbour's cat sitting in the back of my garden. He's been courting my cat for years without any success, but not for lack of trying ;)
He hasn't given up yet.

I made this bowl of Miso soup with tofu, Marufuji Udon , wakame and spring onions. It's so easy to make and so tasty !

Honestly, doesn't this picture make you hungry ?

Watch for my next post when I get my pictures from the FACTS convention sorted out.


kazumi said...

wow, you made this???
Looks so delicious =)

Walter said...

Yes , I know and the taste is delicious too.
I sometimes like to make it with green soba noodles too. ( see new picture ).
I love the way the wakame glistens in the light : it reminds me of the sea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit & comment to my blog.
Have you tried Nabe Ryori (hot pot)?
If you like to eat something like this in the photo, you'd better try Nabe especially at autumn-winter season! Boiling veges and fish or meat in a soup and then adding Udon or Mochi (rice cake)or rice into the soup...can you imagine how delicious the Udon or Mochi or rice that absorbed the soup? Yummy! Also good for health! I just cannot live without Nabe Ryori in winter. I should post on this someday before it's too late.