Sunday, 18 January 2009

Autosalon 2009 : Bikes , bikes, bikes !

Before everyone starts thinking this is a cookery blog, I've just visited the 2009 Autosalon in Brussels .
I have to buy a new motorbike . I'm commuting to work every day and my present Yamaha Diversion 600 is sadly nearing the end of it's economical life.
Since you can get better conditions at the 'Salon' I arranged to meet my regular dealer 'MTSVerlinden' there and look at the new Diversion.

At the exhibition they have a special parking lot for motorbikes only , guarded 24/7 and totally free of charge !

The one in front is my current Yamaha Diversion 600. I have driven it for more than 120,000 km in the past 4 and a half years and it's still going strong, totally reliable but alas , I need a new one to commute so I can keep deducting the cost from my annual income tax (hehe ;).

The new Diversion 600 can be had in red , blue or black.
Here's the red one ( you can look but no touching !)

( Click on these pictures for a larger view)

I've got my eye on the blue one, though.

Here's another new Yamaha model ( the BIKE, I'm talking about the BIKE !). It's the naked version of the Diversion and available in white, yellow and black. Yamaha has redone the engine and drastically redrawn the bike.
Check out that beautifully shaped rear end , guys. (Honestly, I'm STILL talking about the BIKE!)

"Do I look OK on this ? " ( If you ask me you look just fine on that )

" Are you taking PICTURES of me ?" ( No ma'am, I'm only interested in the bike. I swear :) )

( Hello ? Could you look a bit less skeptical, ma'am ? You're a YAMAHA saleslady for Pete's sake : perhaps you could... try to smile when you're sitting on a new Yama ? ;)

Alright already , it's time I try on my future ride for size.
Fase 1 : swing the right leg over (unstoppable indeed!)

Fase 2 : Position the feet. Zip up the jacket.

Fase 3 : Smile at the lady who's pointing my expensive brand new digital camera at me. (Pleeeze don't drop that!)

There's no denying the TRUTH : I make this bike look GOOD. We're talking perfect harmony between rider and machine here , people.

Now bring me the paperwork and guide my hand to that dotted line where I can sign my name. I'll have mine in blue , please :)

They're from the US of A : big , heavy , costly and way too much chrome too polish for my taste
, but everybody wants to know what it feels like to sit on a Harley. Right , lady ?

And if you thought Harleys had too much chrome , check out this .. err, trike.

And if you don't like two wheels in the back, you can have this one with two wheels in the front.

This one has two wheels in the front too, but.. surely that's no longer a bike , is it ?

You can't ride a motorbike without a helmet : check out the ones below.

Flower power is back !

If you want to see more , you'll have to check out the website for pictures like the one below or better yet, go over there and see it yourself ! It's open till next weekend !

Oooh , looking good, girls ! Still , I'm convinced you'd look way cooler on a Yamaha ;)


Eliane said...

No, I did not drop your camera!
Will tell my collegue she is on the internet :)

Walter said...

Hi Eliane, thanks for visiting and posting a comment!
And thanks for not dropping my camera and making such good pictures of me on the bike.
See you !