Friday, 9 October 2009

Ohmygod, it's hello kitty !

It had to happen sometime.
I found this advertisement on my way to work.

( click on the picture for a larger view)
I'm constantly exposed to it on my friend Kirin's blog so I'm not totally shell shocked , but still. I have to drive past this every day to work !
I can't even blame the Japanese for this , because it's a Korean brand.

What does the advert say ? Well for those of you who aren't fluent in Dutch ( that's 99.5 % of the planet ) it says in the balloon "(It's) Time to change your mobile phone"
and the horn blowing mouse announces 20 Euros per old mobile phone handed in.
The fine print explains you get 20 Euros for up to 3 phones in working order in vouchers.

Thankfully, I have a real cat at home to remind me cats aren't always white with a pink ribbon around one ear.
Meet my very real cat Kedam, everybody , lurking in the grass for passing prey she can kill

( click on the picture for a larger view of my backyard predator )
and sitting on her favorite cushion in HER house

( click on the picture for a larger view and check out the spooky green reflection in the eyes)
I'm only allowed to live here provided I open doors for Her Highness, fill the water dish and fill up the food container. I'm on constant probation : one too many mistakes and I'm sooo fired!


kirin said...

That's one of the kawaii ads! Lovely! <3
But what do you mean those who are not fluent in Dutch can change to a new mobile? The old mobile was in Dutch instruction? I'm also confused with it that in your country Dutch is an official language, isn't it? Your area is supposed to be full of Dutch, no?

Oh your cat Kedam is so different from how Kitty-chan is. It's good you don't have to walk her everyday. I have a dog (Pino: I call her Pi-chan) who I have to walk for 1 hour everyday. Moreover, I have to get her hair cut every 1-2 month and each time it costs me...say 37 euro. But I love her soo much, maybe too much!?

Walter said...

Kirin-san, sorry to confuse you but I meant I'll translate the poster for those who don't speak Dutch fluently.

And yes , my cat walks herself through my garden and the surrounding terrain. Wow, that's not cheap for a haircut. So many times a year ? But I don't think you love her too much ;) Everyday 1 hour is very good. Keep it up. Your dog will stay healthy :)
And so will you from all that walking ^_^

kirin said...

Oh sorry for my misunderstanding!
Keeping a dog costs me some money but it brings me more joy. :) OK, I'll enjoy dog walking, too. Some people make friends with dog owners, but I don't get so close to them because they like to keep chatting on and on... I have no extra time for superficial conversations just killing time. (^_^;)