Sunday, 12 February 2012

Summer princess in the snow

My cat Natsuki ( = Summer princess in Japanese ) , is going through her first winter together with me.
While she loves going outside in summer ,

I wasn't sure how she would react to sub-zero temperatures, but I shouldn't have worried.
She often goes outside during the night ( with temperatures below -5°C ) to hunt,

even though in this picture she seems to have found the perfect spot away from the cold,
on top of the central heating.

It's hard getting good pictures at night, because she runs around a lot and I can't see her in the dark ^^.

So I have taken a few last Sunday when the sun was shining ( even though it was still below 0°C ! )
( just click on any picture to open a large size slideshow)

 Stalking though the snow ( my very own snow leopard ).

 and hunting for things under the snow.

Till soon !


Lyuba-chan said...

The last photo is too cute! :)

Walter said...

Yes , that's one of my favorites too.

ROTA said...

She's a beauty and I hope you have many years together.

Greetings Mirjam

Walter said...

Thanks Mirjam, we hope so too :)

Kumiko said...

She is beautiful! She is very active under cold temperature,and she is good hunter!